Rich Lanzone


Rich Lanzone's unique photography of Established Images© is inspired by his love of volleyball. An avid volleyball enthusiast with over 20 years of beach & indoor playing experience, as well as 14 years of coaching experience, Rich's photography and associated artwork ("Artography") captures the essence of what volleyball is.

Established Images© has contributed work to DiG Magazine, the National Volleyball League, Volley Critic, Mikasa Sports, the World Series of Beach Volleyball, Spike-Town, and to Arizona's own The Sand Club.

Rich's enchanting photography has been used by many volleyball athletes; pros to amateurs alike, in facebook profiles, websites, and custom pieces of art in the home.

Custom Artography as well as standard prints and image files are available for purchase via SmugMug.

Rich lives in Gilbert, AZ with his wife (Kathy) and son (Lucas) and is an active member of the AVCA. He may be contacted at